My Favorite SUP paddle

With literally MILLIONS of option when it come to paddles, you can get a little lost when it comes to finding your favorite.  Paddles today are becoming more and more similar with most brands copying designs or using the same factory to produce a brand paddle(starboard-surftech-boardworks etc) when they don’t really specialize in paddles.You can find paddles on amazon ebay and everywhere boards are sold but not every paddle is equal.

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When you have gotten past that initial group of paddles and brands that are lower level or not as performance based you are only really left with 5 or less brands that a majority of people trust. Brands like Kialoa- QuickBlade- Hippostick- Black Project-Werner are common sights in the average surf line up and Saturday race event.

For me personally i want to stand apart in anything I do. I want to stand out. I am 6’1 250 pounds at the moment so I need a strong reliable paddle that’s going to be able to get me through a race course or in and out of pounding surf. When it comes to paddles I have literally tried them all and alot of the paddles that are popular are really good marketing and HYPE … Some features I ve found to like are carbon- medium flex shaft- longer blade for more pop- longer dihedral for cleaner pull through the water.

Me with X wing in action at San O : photo by Aaron Black-Schmit/ Sup the Mag

I came across this paddle in Hawaii in 2013 but only last year was I reunited with the new and improved version! The C4 Waterman X-wing paddle. Its got a design like nothing you have seen and has proven its self successful but has remained under the radar..It comes in 3 different constructions for any type of waters. Its been my go to this winter in 7-10 foot waves (not hawaiian scale) and it allows me to catch waves quicker with more efficient strokes.

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Pictures dont do this paddle justice- Here is a link to the product video —(X-Wing)

Image result for c4 waterman x wing paddle

THIS IS MY FAVORITE !! let me know what you guys think and what you look for

Author: Kalikookamalu

Waterman - Hawaiian- basketball junkie

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