HydroFoil Bored…

Hydro foiling isn’t a new thing by any means…but it has really become the hot new topic in the world of water sports. The foil is an amazing tool! The Hydro Foil can turn a blown out or crappy day of surf in to the best time of your life. In some cases you can turn an amazing downwind day into an absolute mind blowing adventure. Foiling allows you to catch the power of the wave beneath the surface so you arent relying on a breaking wave to propel you forward. Being raised a foot or more out of the water allows for greater speeds with limited resistance and no board surface drag. THIS IS TRULY THE HOVER BOARD feeling we have all been waiting to feel BUT you need to learn a little bit before you start hacking up your old SUP to throw a foil in it!.

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foils are fast moving blades cutting through water at a high speed so personal injury is a high probability even for a skilled board rider.


if you are suping a hydro foil you have no business being in the clean breaking section of waves with all the other surfers. Foils are made to catch the uncatchable so it makes no sense to be on a foil on a crowded perfect breaking wave.


I am all for DIY or saving money but when it comes to a high performance piece of equipment you gotta do it right. I found that alot of people are using kite foils -making homemade parts-installing tuttle boxes improperly etc …Spend the time to do it right and make it worth your time and you will have way more fun.

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I have said all of this to say …I like what foiling is making possible but I dont think the general user should focus on Hydrofoil first thing right off the bat. Hydrofoil takes a certain amount of ocean knowledge and just over all body control to really progress in the sport. My biggest piece of advice is if you arent savvy with surf etiquette and confident in your paddling/wave riding you shouldnt add more pieces to make it harder.

Ive gotten really BORED with hydrofoil videos and all of the hype that it got in the beginning. I work at a SUP shop and am in the community really deeply and I am starting to hear less about the foil but KAI LENNY DAVE KALAMA and others are keeping it on the front page of our social medias.

I have foiled with some really good glides and a deeper understanding. In my mind I am just going to stay focused on getting really good waves and finding my perfect board that will allow me to work on turns cut backs and all the aspects of traditional board riding.Stay safe and make the right choices when unleashing your new foil.






Author: Kalikookamalu

Waterman - Hawaiian- basketball junkie

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