The ART of not giving a F@$%

Some simple tips for water living

I LOVE the ocean and any type of water activity. But I REALLY REALLY LOVE riding waves. It is the purest form of connecting with nature. It seems every year that something comes to market to try and make you feel like its going to increase your wave riding or some how make you better. You don’t need fancy-Brand new-State of the Art -crazy shaped vessels to ride waves. SHRED what you have. 13873064_10210891558751749_4872716358720601967_n

The way the world is now a lot of the influence we get is from Social media and the big companies that pay Social media companies for ads. It seems we all get boxed into a certain type of board or sport but when it comes to riding waves as long as you can get from the line up -Take off- beach without getting anyone hurt than who cares what you are riding. A BOARD IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.


If you want to surf a canoe DO IT if you have an old 12 foot paddle board that you want to start riding waves on DO IT. Kayak surf DO IT. I constantly get questioned for my surf craft choices but I guarantee you I am having more fun. I use a 11 foot Tandem long board for a SUP/surfboard/tandem surfboard/ race board. You can catch me on a boogie board -SUPSQUATCH-hand planes-OC1- Race sup- PRONE boards Basically anything that lets me have fun. I live by a few key concepts but nun more important than SIMPLY NOT GIVING A F#&$ what people think. PEOPLE-will always judge you on and off the water so why not enjoy the ride!!


Author: Kalikookamalu

Waterman - Hawaiian- basketball junkie

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