Jason Latham – the SUP’n Samoan

BS Upside down Crack

If you follow any SUP social media pages you might have stumbled upon the profile of JASON LATHAM or more commonly known as Jlay. He is a SUP surfer that absolutely SHREDS but manages to still have a day job and chase his dreams of SUP WORLD TOUR championships. The 29 year old is currently based out of Brunswick, Georgia- proving it doesn’t matter where you are + if you can shred people will notice. I first noticed him when I was watching the APP SUP tour on Oahu. He was a little bit older than the guys I was used to watching and I had just never heard about him honestly but when I asked around I heard nothing but good things. And I saw him turn a small day at sunset into an entertaining day on the waves.

I AM CHOOSING HIM AS THIS YEARS SILENT KILLER for the SUP SURF division (calling it now lol).


Jason is the first Pro SUP surfer from the state of Georgia and is also the first PRO to come from American Samoa which is a crazy accomplishment in itself. Jason didn’t start SUP until 2013 and says “SUP feels different-its natural for me. Better perspective/ easier access to breaks. With SUP its pioneering something new while exercising body-mind-soul.” Jason proves a few points that I constantly preach: SUP where you can and Don’t listen to the people around you-FOLLOW your plan.


I asked him what his favorite boards were and he has a SOLID quiver of JIMMY LEWIS SUPS that range from SMALL wave catchers to PERFORMANCE sleds that you can Check out on their website for more info I will list the boards so maybe you can get radical like Jlay does. (7’7 StunGun-7’5 Super Tech- 6’11 Super Frank)

He had some solid advice for his fellow paddlers: “If you truly want to get better, just go out no matter what the conditions are. Rain, shine, choppy or glassy. “A smooth sea never made a good sailor” Same applies to paddling.”



.If you aren’t already ADD JASON LATHAM to your watchlist for 2018 in the SUP SURF Division. Follow him on SOCIAL MEDIA.

Author: Kalikookamalu

Waterman - Hawaiian- basketball junkie

4 thoughts on “PADDLERS to WATCH”

  1. Feels like I got the winner ticket.. read an article by #standupjournal where they announced the 1st Pro SUP Surfer from Georgia … ” I have to meet this guy ” ..been paddling surfing since 2010, living in Atlanta, and the idea of surfing with a local PRO sounds just perfect. ..I reached out to him via Instagram, we began friends , encouraging each other until we finally meet at North Florida at Hurricane Maria and had the chance to surf 3 days in different conditions, I felt like I knew JLay all my live , we instantly conected and shared experience knolodge , I was stoked to meet him , absolutely a golden heart and soul kind of guy , he really deserves all the support he can get , his unique and natural talent must been recognized by the whole SUP world !!!

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