5 SUP surf shapes I am EXCITED to try 2018!

Stoked for 2018 ..Here are my picks for top shred sled!

I am not the average SUP surfer by any means and my preferred board size is around 9 -10 foot. I live in San Diego and most waves don’t require “high performance”. A board that gets me excited is something I can SHRED!!! including – making solid turns – fast down the line- able to ride ANY SIZE wave …within reason. Here are my TOP 5 SURF shapes that I am excited to ride from 2018 lineups in NO PARTICULAR ORDER.


  1. NSP DC surf-SUPERX -The SUPERX looks absolutely amazing just off of aesthetics. Its has a super slim sleek design. It combines a Performance long board nose with less rocker with a nice pin tail that has KILLER rocker. As far as dimensions the SUPERX is 10 foot by 27 which is comfortable but at the same time aggressive and is only 126 L of volume. Normally boards this size get a bit bulky and hard to ride in better surf but this thing has all the weapons to SLAY a good over head day. I was actually able to get my hands on a early prototype from last year that was a little bigger and still rough around the edges but it was an absolute BLAST at my local reef break. DEFINITELY EXCITED to try the new one NSP! 😉 😉 hint hint.

NSP-2018-SLX-DCsurf-superX-100-x-29-blue-Deck-170x676photo courtesy of NSPsurfboards.com

2. C4 Waterman x TEN-THIRTY – C4 Waterman is hands down my favorite brand !! When it comes to versatility and reliability these boards have always been the best for me. The TEN THIRTY is another board that can be your “SWISS ARMY KNIFE”. I’ve had the chance to also ride a previous model in flat water touring and the board has really nice round edges that made the board glide WAY more than I thought. With a generous amount of width and volume this board can fit the whole family but still feels right for each paddler so performance isn’t sacrificed. its name is its dimensions so 10 foot by 30 wide and it is 160 L so for me I see this board SHREDDDDIINNG on days when you aren’t quite sure what the waves are going to be and you need a board that lets you paddle peak to peak to find waves. On wave I can see this board being a bit slower down the face but with extra stability charging better size waves will be no problem also with the semi pin tali turns are going to be buttery.  CAN’T wait to get one in the quiver !

Ten-Thirty-100-VerticalPhoto courtesy: C4waterman.com


3. NAISH HOKUA- The HOKUA shape has been around for a while but this 2018 version looks killer not only because of the bright yellow/red/woodgrain look but because of the sleek lines and noticeably aggressive rocker. I have ridden the smaller 8’6 version from a couple years back and had a blast but that was on a pumping swell so for more all year round shredding I am looking to get the 9’6 by 29. its got rolled down rails and a very nice concave out the back that makes me think this thing could be my most comfortable wave specific “bigger” board. its still got 145 L so with that type of flotation recreational paddling will still be easy but a bit harder simply because I push that suggested rider weight limit LOL. I am going to see if Kai Lenny has one of these in his garage somewhere he can give me since he is leaving the brand this year ! will be fun to watch !!

2018SUP_ProductPhotos_1440x500_Hokua_8_6_GTW_Topphoto: Naish SUP


4.  JIMMY LEWIS-KWAD 9’11 x 32

The KWAD is easily the most forgiving of these boards just with the simple classic designs and overall shape. I am hearing more and more good things from people about jimmy lewis SUP and it will be interesting to see what else rolls out in the future. At nearly 10 feet with a wide nose and flat bottom the 32 inch board will be a bit of a bruiser on waves but will perfect for when waves are small or I have new SUP friends wanting to get a feel for a wave riding sup. JIMMY LEWIS arent really seen much in my area but if someone knows how to get me one LET ME KNOW !




I am interested to see what shapes the ROGUE board guys can put out with the recent rebirth through Boardworks. With Mo Freitas leading the progression on the signature athlete  surf side it will be cool to see what other boards they can come up with and these ROGUE/BW boards honestly have the most potential for me because I haven’t really dealt with any other previous shapes they offered so maybe with all the updates they can produce an all around SHREDDER of a board


ANYTHING I MISSED ? ANYTHING YOU ARE EXCITED FOR ?? let me know and I will try to get my hand on one!!!




Author: Kalikookamalu

Waterman - Hawaiian- basketball junkie

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