The JP Australia 10′ Longboard PRO (review)


REVIEW Rating System

Middle finger: sucked

thumbs up: just good but has to improve

Shaka: Great board

Double Shaka: Amazing Loved it 

I ride a lot of different boards and have dabbled in pretty much every shape or feature that production boards have offered over the years. Recently though I have been really focused  on more of a high wave count /more laid back surf session but i still want to be able to whip a few performance turns if the waves allow it. To me I consider anything over 10 feet with the round nose a true longboard as far a SUP surfing goes.  I had the chance to get my hands on a JP Australia Longboard in the carbon pro construction and it did not disappoint.

18-tech-longboard-pro-euComing in at 19 POUNDS !!! this thing is crazy light and very responsive. Its 149 L so you can still sit back and be comfy no matter the conditions. I paddled out on a decent sized day with waves maxing out at about 5 feet. I caught my first wave and dropped back all the way to the tail and was able to do big snappy bottom turns and was bale to get a great amont of speed out of maybe A 3 foot wave….I was REALLY surprised. I used a thruster set up on the board and it was nothing but fun. Its 4 inches thick which is more than enough flotation for any size wave. If you are a bigger guy that wants performance this is your board or a small guy who wants to be able to shred and stay dry this  this is the one.


Its is 29 inches wide but I would like to see it in a 27 … would be really fun rail to rail. The only down side for me is pricing. Brand new all carbon boards are pushing 2 grand or more and for me its just a bit shocking but it is something where you are getting exactly what you pay for.  It is a great board but it is very similar to what other companies have out and nothing stand s out CRAZY to me. OVERALL i throw this board a SHAKA  and would recommend this for the average SUP surfer who wants to get better at surfing but doesn’t want to loose out on waves.


Author: Kalikookamalu

Waterman - Hawaiian- basketball junkie

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