THE BEST PADDLE you’ve never heard of…

the best in performance and play ?

*disclaimer …NOT A PAID AD ..i use a different brand of paddle just giving props where props are due. *

In SUP there is a lot of brands that specialize in paddle production, some being QB-Kialoa- Ke Nalu…but have you heard of BLACK PROJECT ?? The company started in 2010 and has been pushing for performance in paddles fins and racing fins for SUP. Will there paddles be your next SUP related purchase.

With so many options these days for equipment it can be a bit overwhelming. Price-materials-shape-pro riders- all make a bit of an influence in our decisions. Me personally I have my favorites and pretty much stick to those when I am heading out into the ocean. For about the last 2 years I have worked at a SHOP in California that sells BLACK PROJECT paddles. From the moment I first saw them I thought they have 2 things going for them. 1 being that they are very eye catching but only have a carbon and red look to them its basic but really aesthetically pleasing. 2 they have an aggressive shape and are SUPER LIGHT.


The thing I like most is that they push for the highest quality and lightest strongest designs. Another great thing is you can specify SIZE OF BLADE-AMOUNT OF FLEX (stiff x medium x soft )  and WHICH GRIP you want and make a custom fit for you. In all of the paddles they have a very long drawn out dyhedral (if i spelleed it right) but its the spine down the middle of the blade that connect to the shaft. With this design you get a very clean and efficient stroke ..(NO MORE RAIL DINGS  LOL)  A great paddle is important because the  PADDLE IS YOUR ENGINE SO DON’T CUT CORNERS!

In the last year or so they have added Zane Schweitzer and Bernd Roediger to they’re team of paddlers so you know they are doing something right. Zane and Bernd are both high level paddlers sponsored by other board companies and are normally required to use those brands paddles and fins but BLACK PROJECT equipment has been so good that they use them in racing -surfing and touring equipment anyway.


In Racing every pound …even ounce counts if you are in a paddle battle with the guy next to you. So when i looked in to the line up of paddles BP offers I saw that the race paddles are only 375 grams….and with them being 100 percent carbon  (unlike your local sup package deal with a carbon facade)  they truly give you a jump on the competition.


With paddles I see a lot of people flock to a brand simply because a paddler that is somewhat famous uses them. With BP i have already seen a massive growth in popularity. It will only grow with more average joes wanting to progress and more pros wanting that competitive edge.


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Author: Kalikookamalu

Waterman - Hawaiian- basketball junkie

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