The Great Divide…

Why conform to one craft???


THE WORLD OF WAVE RIDING HAS A F@#$%%*$% PROBLEM…. & Its something you wouldn’t think existed until you’ve experienced it first hand. Its hands down absolutely the most annoying thing to deal with. If you haven’t been through it MORE POWER TO YOU but for alot of SUP surfers PURE HATE from “REAL” surfers and straight up disrespect is something you have to deal with (probably a lot). NO MATTER WHAT “rules or guidelines ” we try to follow as SUP surfers there is always someone who has a negative comment. You can just be parking your car at the local break and some short board surfer is already giving you a dirty look. In surf , line up banter is a great way to learn and make connection but when you have a SUP under your feet you almost get discredited right off the bat.

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For whatever reason the SUP community doesn’t ever talk about it. Or if it gets brought up in a chat or message board it gets glossed over and people just try to “keep positive vibes” and “its not that bad”. I hate shining light on negative things but sometimes shining a light brings attention to the things that other wise would lie in the dark. There is full blown websites and clothing that protests SUPS in surfing. Literally the stupidest things i HAVE SEEN LATELY. Why are people so triggered by SUP??


I might be a little biased but I get it SUPs are a new thing “threatening” surfing but if you ask SUP surfers they dont give a damn about you !! they just want to have FUN…isnt that the point of riding waves??

THE WORST TYPE OF PERSON>>>>> Instead of worrying about themselves they immediately want to talk SHIT about a sport they probably cant do. Its such a pointless struggle to go through. At the end of the day why waste energy being pissed off when you can use some of that hat eto catch more waves that SUPers supposedly STEAL.

One of the biggest things i hear is that SUPS are dangerous….when in reality all boards are dangerous ..ESPECIALLY HUGE LONGBOARDS THAT DONT HAVE LEASHES…

THERE IS SOOOO much arguing that can go back and forth -pros and cons and all of that. The fact that anyone would yell at someone while in the water is ridiculous.

SUPs greatest ambassadors cant even escape the hate..this was the comments section from KAI LENNY SUPing THE KELLY SLATER WaVE POOL..literally days ago so this is a current problem not just old thinking…(see below)


THE SURFZONE is a magical place and is where alot of us go to zen out or have a really good time. WHen you really think about it its people on short boards and the “real ” surfers that create the static. Cutting people off or snaking waves is never OK but it is forgivable. Not enough people practice what they preach. THey wan to be all ” good vibes and aloha” but when they arent on instagram fronting they are being bullys at the beach!! SO NEXT TIME YOU ARE SURFING KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN AND HEAD ON A SWIVEL and think of ways to keep the trash and trash people out of surf and our line ups…not SUPs

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This GREAT DIVIDE really seems to be one of those things that are just going to be there no matter what and realistically wont change. But i will throw this challenge to any “real” surfer …GO SUP SURF one day a week and you will have fun and you will help your surfing I swear. Why conform to one craft??? Be of the water and ride all of them.






Author: Kalikookamalu

Waterman - Hawaiian- basketball junkie

6 thoughts on “The Great Divide…”

  1. If you are old enough to have witnessed the EXACT same thing from Skiers about Snowboarding !!
    “Get off our mountain!! “ “You can only board on a couple of runs!!”
    “stay off our runs”


      1. I was a skier and the switched to snowboarding when my knees went to hell. I raced GS and my favorite thing were speed runs. When i was skiing i never had issues with snowboarders but i did have issues with the idiots sitting or standing in the middle of the run making them self’s a hazard. Most of them were snowboarders. I hated those people because of that reason but didn’t blame the entire sport. I think surfers have an issue with SUP surfers cause that one time they were dropped in on by a paddleboard or the sup that sits on the outside taking the set waves. I love to ask those people “how many times have you had a shortboarder drop in on you compared to a sup? Who snakes more? It’s the shortboarder. And how about the person sitting in the outside? Who does it more, the Paddle surfer or the longboarder? It’s more often then not the longboarder yet everyone wants to hate the sup. Maybe hate the act and person not the craft”


      2. Exactly hate the player not the game … in mostly every other game or sport it is all about inclusion no matter the variation wave riding is one where it gets soooooo petty and divided


  2. surfers, bodyboarders, suppers or what ever. Once there were true watermen that did and rode anything in the ocean. Go back and look at the old original surfing mags!!!!! Surf mats bodyboards etc. In our current days there seems to be this huge divide and all these little subsections. Get over it and enjoy surfing in what ever craft you choose to ride. That is what surfing is all about.


  3. I have issues with those that paddle surf and/or work in the industry makin money or getting some kind of benefits from sup then go and talk shit about it like they don’t so that they look “cool” in front of their “core” friends. Or create hate signs and stickers and IG pages about not SUPing a lineup when we all know you paddle surf too.

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