3 Steps to Get Your Kids Stoked on Wave Riding

We want our kids to follow in our foot steps right ?

We all want our kids to follow in our footsteps and be able to safely have them enjoy the things we love. When it comes to the ocean the most important thing is safety and once you have that the rest is pure fun. There are many ways to ride waves with your kids but surfboards, paddleboards and traditional bodyboards didn’t have 2 riders in mind when they were being designed. So what should you do to get your kids stoked on wave riding?

Get them started young

Like anything with kids it takes time and building a positive fun experience. Getting your children comfortable with a board can be as easy as letting them play with it in the living room or kiddie pool. You can emulate waves by adding turbulence and making it a fun game to stay on the board. By the time they can walk they will be ready to ride!

The best board for the job

Bullyboards are specifically made to be a tool not a toy. You wont find these at the local wholesale store, they are built to last and perform in head high to ankle high surf.  They are thick durable and made to hold up to 400 pounds. They are customizable, so they can be your favorite color or have extra handles for added safety. Bullyboards are a very versatile board. People have used them in flatwater, pools, rivers and are easy to ride with or without a partner. Having a board like this as a parent you worry less and surf more. Catching more waves are guaranteed with a Bullyboard and being able to progress with your child is priceless. With a Bullyboard you aren’t just building skill or confidence, you are making lasting memories with your loved ones.


X marks the Spot

When you are getting your kids into waves you shouldn’t take them to your normal wave spot. You should find a place that is fun on the beach and in the ocean. Kids will enjoy riding waves more if the whole day is an experience.  Find a beach with nice sandy beaches, fun boardwalks and things to do. Kids will appreciate the diversity and make it easier for you to get some waves in on the weekends.



Want to give it a try?

Bullyboards are available to demo in California and Hawaii.

Author: Kalikookamalu

Waterman - Hawaiian- basketball junkie

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