3 Steps to Get Your Kids Stoked on Wave Riding

We want our kids to follow in our foot steps right ?

We all want our kids to follow in our footsteps and be able to safely have them enjoy the things we love. When it comes to the ocean the most important thing is safety and once you have that the rest is pure fun. There are many ways to ride waves with your kids but surfboards, paddleboards and traditional bodyboards didn’t have 2 riders in mind when they were being designed. So what should you do to get your kids stoked on wave riding?

Get them started young

Like anything with kids it takes time and building a positive fun experience. Getting your children comfortable with a board can be as easy as letting them play with it in the living room or kiddie pool. You can emulate waves by adding turbulence and making it a fun game to stay on the board. By the time they can walk they will be ready to ride!

The best board for the job

Bullyboards are specifically made to be a tool not a toy. You wont find these at the local wholesale store, they are built to last and perform in head high to ankle high surf.  They are thick durable and made to hold up to 400 pounds. They are customizable, so they can be your favorite color or have extra handles for added safety. Bullyboards are a very versatile board. People have used them in flatwater, pools, rivers and are easy to ride with or without a partner. Having a board like this as a parent you worry less and surf more. Catching more waves are guaranteed with a Bullyboard and being able to progress with your child is priceless. With a Bullyboard you aren’t just building skill or confidence, you are making lasting memories with your loved ones.


X marks the Spot

When you are getting your kids into waves you shouldn’t take them to your normal wave spot. You should find a place that is fun on the beach and in the ocean. Kids will enjoy riding waves more if the whole day is an experience.  Find a beach with nice sandy beaches, fun boardwalks and things to do. Kids will appreciate the diversity and make it easier for you to get some waves in on the weekends.



Want to give it a try?

Bullyboards are available to demo in California and Hawaii.

SUP is officially dead… (the end)

What happened ???

When done right SUP surfing is one of the most pure/ beautiful ways to enjoy the ocean. When SUP really took off the market was mostly focused on a few key elements. The first was charging waves and using the paddle/board to create a unique dance with the wave…It had its own special style that wasn’t Long boarding but wasn’t Short boarding. It was something so pure and fun. Some of the best waterman really paved the way and gave WAVE RIDING NEW LIFE! Folks like Dave Kalama- Chuck Patterson – Robby Naish were leading the way and creating the competitive culture in those early days.


The second element was the life style. You could pick out a SUP and literally do everything with it. The equipment was made so that you could go surf head high waves and then still go cruise for a paddle workout. From what I saw as young man drooling at the pages of SUP the MAG and StandUPJournal it looked like SUP was the ultimate tool in the water. People like Brian Keaulana and Archie Kalepa  really showed me that SUP was a tool not a toy and could be something for SURF\- Fitness- Life saving- Fishing-and Fun.

The perfect SUP scenario to me would be shoulder high waves and a few guys out. But because you are on a SUP you can travel between 2-3 peaks and no matter what the tide did you could ebb and flow with the changes.


Now days SUP has become so gimmicky and lost its soul. SUP media has all but been dead for awhile because they cant quite seem to stay on top of what people want to see. What was once a crazy niche part of paddling is now all you see when you think of SUP and that is SUP yoga… We went from pages and photos of people charging  waves and doing workouts to dudes and hot chicks posing on boards or people in exotic destinations… Downward Dog on a SUP isnt technically SUP if you think about it  because you arent paddling or standing…( YOGA on water is still bad ass lol)


This past year has also seen a lot of contests shutting down like Pacific PaddleGames in CA and a couple races in Hawaii. Times are changing and the performance side of SUP i think has gone so far that we are just imitating WSL shortboard guys but with paddles in hand. Boards are smaller than ever and most companies only offer really small or really big for experts or newbies who want to just be on the water. With the changing times it seems we have also lost most of our stars or pioneers to other sports. Kalama – Kai Lenny- etc have moved on to foiling or reverted back to prone surfing.


So when I say SUP is dead…I mean SUP as I knew it…Balance -Endurance-Strength and traditon have all been kind of pushed away for instagram photos and yoga sunsets…You can find me at Cardiff Beach CA -almost everyday with my 10 foot board riding every wave from 1foot to 10 foot keeping faith alive that SUP as a whole will one day refocus on hui o he’e nalu-wave sliding!

Lessons from the WestSide

The Good The Bad The Ugly



When it comes to Hawaii, the West Side of Oahu is unmatched. From the moment you hit Nanakuli you feel the energy. Its a place full of ohana, friendly faces, misunderstood natives and MANA. The West Side normally gets a bad reputation for being “mean” or “unwelcoming” but I think its because the people are UN-APOLOGETICALLY  HAWAIIAN AS F@&#.  One place that personifies the spirit of the WEST SIDE is MAKAHA BEACH.  The West Side is one of the last palces in Hawaii that you can really be Hawaiian. The fishing -the surfing -the history- the land is still pretty untouched by Haoles. It is one of the great wonders of the world.



Makaha is home to one of the MOST IMPORTANT contests in the world, The BUFFALO BIG BOARD SURFING CLASSIC. It is more than just a surf contest, its a celebration of wave riding. Its the only contest that showcases all the different ways to ride waves. Canoe-SUP-LongBoard- Bullyboard-Paipo Board – SupSquatch and Bodysurfing are some of the events you can find. But its not traditional points and judges. Its about showing style and grace while doing maneuvers only a waterman(or women) would attempt. The energy is up the whole weekend and every event is so full of laughter/ excitement/ love and tradition. People come from around the word to experience this place. It truly shows you that “WE ARE ALL CONNECTED BY WATER not divided by land”- Brian Keaulana.

2018-05-19_Best Day_Seal Beach_C4 Waterman_RYAN PENA_434.JPG


img_4643THE PEOPLE

When you watch the contestants out in the water you can see the level of skill and connection they have with the water. It starts with the kids and can be seen in the oldest of competitors, its a sense of kinship and respect for the water that you can see in their performance. Some of the best surfers and wave riders you will ever see come to MAKAHA for this weekend of He’e Nalu. The ocean to the westsiders is more then just a fun time…its their church..school..safe place..home..the place that brings them peace.



When you visit here it is clear that their is a pecking order and its that structure that the surf communities in CA etc. are missing. Its also clear that respect must be earned and it doesnt matter what you ride but HOW YOU RIDE. When you surf in California or other places you get a lot of attitudes and disrespect just for being on a certain board.19366407_10214066218476258_5922655544630205406_n

In the water of Makaha there is a structure and a sort of inclusion that is sorely lacking here in the states. One of the best lessons I learned from Makaha surfers was “SHUT UP and SURF…Let your ACTIONS speak for you”

If you ever get the chance to visit consider coming for the BBBSC !